Connection in Response to Intro: Unplanned Response #LabofDissent2019

CAS Artist Groups

We have focused on relationships with space and place, on encounters with each other and anyone else we meet. Where our on-site explorations and conversations inform events/work offsite, we have weaved those in too.

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We have drawn on the following values/ideas:

  • Opening up the focus on dissent, to explore creative dialogue as a way of sharing and representing multiple viewpoints across perceptual divides (e.g. inside/outside)
  • Space as potential
  • Infectiousness. The excitement that stems from experimentation and openness within the group radiating out to people we encounter.

About The Project

CAS Artists’ were at Winchester School of Art responding to the theme Inside/Outside. Pop-up exhibitions, performances and provocations emerged over the course of five weeks 02 Nov – 06 Dec 2019

Artists contributed to the project blog, and documented their live art experiments which culminated in a final show on Thursday 6 December.

Through performative and conversational art experiments at Winchester School of Art, CAS Associate Artists were invited to explore how dissent can be be creative and constructive. Link

For more info Visit: Tina Sanchez Artist