The Creative Circle 23-25August 2019

The Creative Circle World Music Village at Victorious Festival Poster 2019

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The Creative Circle @ Victorious Festival, Portsmouth 2019 is a local community led project with ambitions to develop creative collaborations through workshops; aiming to provide art activities to explore skills, environmental action and participation between the local community and the public leading up to and during the festival. Also, a creative training arena for My Friendly Planet WEX Programmes’ apprentices.

An invitation to explore concepts of creative social engagements to initiate collaborative participation, exchange and dialogue amongst people, organisations, local and professional artists and families.

The Creative Circle project is aimed at the public of all ages, with creative or no creative experiences, to engage within workshops that celebrate artistic expression. To increase opportunities for people who don’t currently get involved in the arts and culture; or are involved a little in arts and cultural activity within various settings, prior to and during the festival workshops.

The Creative Circle will provide opportunities for young people aged 3 + to participate and engage within environmental action PURE workshops in upcycling their wheels. PURE at Southsea Skatepark 21 & 22 August.

The Creative Circle project’s creative workshops:

*PURE Sculpture

*Flower-crowns making

*Origami|Kirigami with recycled paper & newspaper

*Pebbles painting

*Indian block printing

*Bio-Glitter Hub

*Yoga with Lano Yoga

*the Big Draw with Gosport Steampunk Society to model

*Drum Nation Tribe

*Leaf Bashing

*Prop making- making your mark

*MFP’s Recycled Rhythm Hub installation.