About My Friendly Planet

My Friendly Planet (MFP) focuses on creative social engagement, enquiry and user experience (UX) through innovative participatory art, Art4Art and Waste2Art initiatives within mainstream environments and non-traditional spaces.

Our approach explores various concepts and media, which elicits positive physical and emotional engagement impact, whilst raising awareness in promoting wellbeing, positive mental health and environmental action.

My Friendly Planet aims to:

  • explore the self within individual and collective interactive creative activities
  • enable free expression, reflective practice
  • nurture the relationship between self-esteem, confidence and motivation whilst promoting self-awareness and awareness of others
  • examine the influence of individual and collective lifestyle choices and its impact on the planet’s natural resources to elicit environmental action to taking ownership.
  • support, develop and promote diversity equality and cultural exchanges between practices and activities to wider audiences, whilst providing a safe working environment.
  • instigate collaborative partnerships through micro commissions within the wider community; such as, assisting with the preparation of The Secret Circle for the  Twisted Village Festival and World Music Village – Arms Around the Child at Victorious Festival 2019.
  • provide training and work experience through MFP WEX programme. The programme offers the apprentice opportunities to work directly with MFP projects and to study creative skills with hands-on approach. The programme is currently on offer to college and university students who are studying within Hampshire and West Sussex; and to professionals who wish to further their Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


My Friendly Planet artists’ expertise in participatory art and interdisciplinary practices within social and creative engagements provide exploratory creative practices. The project offers various abilities and sets of skills to realise maximum impact, whilst maintaining ethical integrity. We offer secure, achievable leadership and balance to the project’s dissemination whilst providing beneficial support, positive and reflective individual dynamism to groups, individuals and to each other.

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